A couple of years ago, hard drives were relatively expensive after floods in Taiwan blocked access to manufacturing plants, making a 500 GB portable drive approx. £110.  Prices have fallen back to ‘normal’ now, and as with all technology, as 500 GB gets ‘old hat’ and 3 TB and USB3 units get more popular, you can pickup 500 GB portable drives for approx £45.

This makes very little reason not to back up your data, but its surprising how many people don’t have copies of what’s important to them.  All the pictures from your digital camera should be backed up several times – some pictures you can’t take again.  Lots of people create spreadsheets and documents and just save them to ‘My Documents’.  What happens if these copies get corrupted?

People get their cars serviced regularly and are forced to have them checked annually for any problems.  People should do the same to their PCs, but more often.  Every month, back up what’s important to you.  Every week, back up files you’ve recently been working on.

For as little as £45 you can buy a 500 GB portable hard drive which would be enough for most families’ data.  Keep another at a friends house for added protection.  In five years time, you’ll want access to all your digital data.  Don’t leave it until its too late.


Apologies that this article is full of weird words of ‘GB’ and ‘TB’.  Storage is made up of ‘bytes’ where every character in a documents equates to one byte.  1,048,576 bytes is a ‘megabyte’ (MB) and 1,048,576 MB is a ‘gigabyte’ (GB).  ‘Terabytes’ is the next level, consisting of 1,048,576 GB.

People never thought you could fill floppy disks (1.44 MB) and with documents normally 0.10 MB in size, people didn’t tend to have that many documents!  However, photographs can be 4 MB each, so a 500 GB hard drive can only store 128,000 images.  That might sound a lot, but in this digital age, people can easily take 300 pictures while on holiday, and digital video can take 100 MB a minute, so that 500 GB can quickly get eaten up!

Storage tends to be either in GB or TB (terabytes) these days, but bigger is not always better.  If you’ve all your data on a 3 TB drive and it fails, thats a lot of data to lose!  We would recommend smaller units and regular backups.


If you need a 500 GB portable USB drive, please contact us.  If you’d like us to give your PC a free ‘MOT’, again, please simply get in touch.  We’ve over 22 years experience with computers, and can assist you very easily.