CS Computer Services have over 22 years in the business, and have been fixing computers pretty much all this time.  From replacing graphics cards, upgrading hard drives or adding network cards, computers are always needing some repairs.

The most common fault in computers is a broken hard drive, and if a drive fails, it can prevent the computer from starting up.  Thankfully, these are easily to diagnose and cheap to replace.  The problem is of course your data is on a drive that cannot be used any more.  We always recommend to our customers to backup important data and documents (photos of the family, etc).

Bad weather can also affect computers.  Lightning can cause power supplies to surge, which can blow components on the motherboard (most commonly graphics cards).  Again, these are easy to diagnose and cheap to replace.

Free Diagnostic and Quotation

If your PC is not starting, or is misbehaving, please contact us and we can provide a no obligation quotation together with a diagnostic report.  We source components from quality retailers (not cheap eBay sellers) to provide you with the optimum service.