How many times have you wanted to find a decent plumber, or need someone to install a fence.  Living in Alresford, we’re lucky to have several ‘business directories’ put through our door regularly, and the online directory of  These list businesses, but still people use Google to search.  If people need to know opening times, contact information or directions, they expect to find this information on a website.

There was a time when creating a website was a lengthy, expensive process.  Nowadays, a website can be up and live in as little as a couple of days, and for as little as £10 a year.

Having a website also gives you a domain, which you can use for email use.  How many times have you seen a van for a builder or plumber with ‘’ as the email address?  Its not very professional.  Instead, once Davey Plumbing or Davey Electrical has a website and has’, they also get the @daveyelectrical email addresses, so can have, etc.  This is not only more memorable, but gives a much better impression.


If you’d like a website for as little as £10 a year, please get in touch.  We also do excellent rates on website design, getting you online as quickly and cheaply as possible.  We’re a small business too, and so help other small businesses as much as possible.