If you have a PC or laptop, we’ll gladly perform an ‘MOT’ on it, to check its health and determine if its performance can be improved.  Most PCs can have an extra lease of life by simply adding more memory.

Operating System Upgrades

Windows XP is over 13 years old, and Microsoft will soon be stop producing security updates for it.  If you have a PC or laptop, it really needs Windows 7 or ideally, Windows 8 installed on it.  Please read this for more information.

If you are going to upgrade your PC or laptop, it will require 2 GB of memory as a minimum.  This is a cheap upgrade (approx £50) but can give significant speed improvements.  If you have a laptop, upgrading the hard drive to an SSD drive can give even better improvements.  Storage capacity isn’t as high as a normal drive though, and costs can be approx £180.

We provide a free diagnostic service.  For no fee we can check your PC or laptop and determine whether it needs new memory or if an operating system upgrade will improve it.  Please contact us for more information.